Trinity United Church of Christ

Our Heritage

Trinity locates its heritage in [italic]The Reformed Church[/italic] tradition of [italic][bold]The United Church of Christ[/bold][/italic]. Our denominational history reminds us that [italic]The Reformed Church[/italic] merged with the [italic]Evangelical Church of North America[/italic] in 1934 and became known as the [italic]Evangelical and Reformed Church[/italic]. And then, in 1957, the [italic]Evangelical and Reformed Church[/italic] merged with the [italic]Congregational Christian Church[/italic] and became [italic][bold]The United Church of Christ[/bold][/italic].

Trinity traces its heritage to the founding of St. John Reformed Church-"the Marengo Charge"on September 26, 1869. Land was purchased and a church building erected the following year, in 1870. Records of the next seven years are sparse but we do know that the congregation was served by several pastors during that period. A constitution was written and officers were subsequently elected on June 24, 1877.

By July 1, 1888 two additional [italic]Reformed Church[/italic] congregations were being formed in Iowa County. With 46 charter members in the St. Paul's Reformed congregation in Sumner Township and 33 members in the Zion's Reformed congregation in Pilot Township, they became known as the "Genoa Bluff Charge." The members of these congregations were German pioneers who based their services on the preaching of the Word and the celebration of Holy Communion. The German language was, in fact, used in church school until 1918. A compromise was made for the adults by having the Sunday divine worship message in English three Sundays and in German the fourth Sunday of the month.

The Zion Reformed congregation purchased two acres of land in Pilot Township and built a church on that tract of land in 1890. (Available records do not indicate where the St. Paul's congregation gathered for worship in Sumner Township)

In 1949, the St. Paul's congregation built the present church structure. The completed
building was dedicated January 15, 1950.

On September 27, 1964, Zion church and St. Paul's church merged. The merged congregation selected the name [italic][bold]Trinity United Church of Christ[/bold][/italic].

Through the years the church and parsonage, located conveniently next door to the church, have been remodeled. The recent addition to the church building has provided much needed space for social and educational events.

Trinity is involved, through our pastor and other members, in the Iowa County Ministerial Association, the Marengo Ministerial Association, The Believers (a local choral group), the Iowa County Food Bank, and the Eastern Iowa Association of the Iowa Conference of the UCC.

Trinity is a congregation that has been familiar with change and transition at the denominational level as well as at the local congregational level for more than 139 years. We continue to be a people seeking to be a congregation where tradition and change function together in a spirit of hospitality.

A crowning moment for Trinity was the ordination of "one of their own". July 24, 2010 Damen Heitmann was ordained to the UCC ministry. The service was held at Trinity.